2pi.pl - Web Development Services - Wordpress, Laravel...

Full Stack Developer with a proficiency in various technologies: Wordpress, Laravel, Vue.js, Flutter, Nuxt. Coding toolbox includes: PHP, SCSS, (Vanilla)JS, HTML5 / MySQL, Webpack, Docker, Git. I know a bit about configuring Linux servers / cloud services too.

I leverage my skills to deliver highly-efficient, fully-customized, and secure web solutions, primarily for government agencies and renowned brands around the world.
My commitment to continuous learning ensures I stay current with industry trends and provide cutting-edge solutions for diverse clientele.

Beyond my technical skills I am an avid traveler and cyclist. I love sci-fi, technology stuff & cooking.

Feel free to reach out if there's anything I can assist you with. I'm excited to collaborate and create something remarkable together!

You can contact me: Email / LinkedIn